Processing herbs

All of a sudden it’s Autumn! and even nearly November and that means it time to start processing all the herbs that we dried over the Summer. This week I have been moving all the bagged and boxed herbs from their cool, dry, ventilated place to a warm, dry, ventilated place until they are ready for sale. I have also been putting them through a mesh to attempt to remove stems from the finished product.

Dried herbs will be available from our website from next week and there will be; calendula, grapefruit mint, feverfew, comfrey leaf, borage, catmint, tansy & lemonbalm available in 30g bags.

Over the next couple of weeks I will also be producing two herbal tea varieties, infused oils, skin salves & a lipbalm, which will also be available via the website. I will keep you posted about this. So, recipe experimentation is ahead!

In the herb field things are beginning to die back due to the cold weather with other’s still going strong including comfrey, fennel, mints and marigold. Yesterday, I dug up the first horseradish roots, which are promising and I will chop it up and add to apple cider vinegar as a warming winter tonic, I will harvest the rest of the roots next month and also sell these via the website and put some in the herb dryer to preserve them. I have taken potted herbs into the polytunnel to protect them from the cold and will plant them out in the Spring. I am hoping to do some wild foraging this week for hawthorn berries, elderberries and rosehips when there’s a nice day.

More soon! Hopefully I will have more time for this kind of thing from now on..



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