A year in herbs!

It’s over a year since I published here, it’s been a busy year!! and a year of herbs…

It all started in the Spring when all the herbs I planted last year started to pop up and I started weeding again. Above is comfrey, st johns wort, mullein, valerian and echinacea.

In the Spring there’s always lots of sowing and potting on to be done in the polytunnel. I did lots of experimenting this year after ordering lots of exciting new herb seed from my favorite herb seed company; https://strictlymedicinalseeds.com/ including uva ursi, passionflower, angelica sinensis, agrimony, true comfrey and rhodiola (the last 3 are pictured above).

There were lots of herbs to harvest this year! Most herb are perrenials, so they are much more productive in the second year after storing up energy over the winter. Pictured above is red clover, which we grew as a green manure, lemon balm, peppermint, wildcrafted elderflower and st john’s wort, which usually flowers on midsummer’s day, but always seems to be a little later in Scotland.. Once harvested everything goes straight in the herb dryer.

Here is wildcrafted Meadowsweet, our namesake! that I collected in July and am currently making an infused oil from to help with muscular aches and pains.


A selection of the herbs ready for picking in August; fennel, borage, st johns wort, thyme, yarrow, self heal, peppermint, rosemary, echinacea, chamomile and marshmallow!

Even though it’s super busy in the middle of the summer, I still make time for making herbal products. Here’s some of our tea blends, calendula infused oil and st johns wort balm.


Here’s our first ever passion flower in the polytunnel in September!

And then things got crazy! and the rest of the summer was very busy and lots of things disappeared under weeds and lots of things didn’t get planted out. So there’s going to be lots to catch up on in 2017! These pictures (above) were taken on our open day in September.


So, now it’s winter and all the herbs are in hibernation and so am I and planning ahead to 2017. We’ve sold out of all our herbal tea blends from this year, but I still have some dried herbs left including; st johns wort, vervain, comfrey, mullein, calendula and yarrow and some calendula and yarrow balms; you can buy these from our website or get in touch with me at rosy@meadowsweet-organics.co.uk.

Looking forward to a green and productive 2017!


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