Meadowsweet Organics is a new organic farm in Falkland, Fife, started in March 2015 by David and Rosy.

This year we are growing vegetables, flowers and herbs, but hope to develop the herbal side of the business in the future.

This blog is dedicated to the evolution of Meadowsweet Organic Herbs and focuses on the herbal aspect and is written by myself, Rosy.

I have been working in organic farming since 2009 and my interest in herbs blossomed a year earlier when I went on a herb walk and workshop in Edinburgh. This led me to attempt one at studying Herbal Medicine at ‘The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine’ in 2010, but after a while it felt too academic and decided I was maybe better suited to growing herbs. I began reading everything I could about Herbal Medicine in my spare time, which eventually led me to ‘The Organic Herb Trading Company’ (http://www.organicherbtrading.com) in Somerset in 2012 where I spent a season volunteering and living a simple life in a cute caravan. I learnt so much there about harvesting, growing, using and processing herbs, learning from wonderful grower Sarah, other herbalists and directly from the plants. This led me to a point where I HAD to study herbalism, no matter what it took and since then I have been blessed in finding ‘The Irish School of Herbal Medicine’ (http://www.herbeire.ie/) and lucky enough to be a student on the Herbal Medicine Practitioner course for the past two years, which is such a wonderful course and perfectly suited for me. Then, last year David and I got offered an amazing opportunity to rent some land on the Falkland Estate, wrote a business plan, borrowed some money, quit our jobs and here we are in June 2015 working 7 days a week and harvesting and selling the first of our produce!skullcap

If you would like to know more about the business visit, http://www.meadowsweet-organics.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/meadowsweetorganic


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